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Urban Composting!

August 13, 2010

Compost: Your plants will love you for it! Photo by Mr. Gator

Composting is an important part of any home’s sustainability plan, be it an apartment or a house. We throw away a lot of compostable material every year (think of all of the discarded salad greens, carrot tops, and green bean ends you’ve dumped in the trash!), and, when this valuable material ends up in your local landfill, it breaks down in the anaerobic environment and produces methane gas–a greenhouse gas that is significantly more potent than carbon dioxide. Plus, if you compost, your garden and houseplants will love you for it!

If you’ve never composted, it really is easy. Today, Grist (an amazing source! I highly recommend that everyone signs up for their daily digest to stay on top of all things environmental) offers us a slideshow that describes the most common ways that urban dwellers can compost. Personally, I’ve mainly used worms before, and it was really is fun. At the moment, we’re not composting at all (bad us!!). I need to replace a plug on our tumbler-type composter before we can start to use it again. It’s one of the fancy store-bought models (a fabulous wedding gift from a friend), but I’m excited to try the hand-made instructions mentioned in the Grist article, too. You can always use an extra composter!

Also, for those of you in DC, there’s a compost workshop being held tomorrow on composting, courtesy of Ecolocity DC. I’m hoping they offer this again in the future, as I’m not able to make this one.

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