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Bring Solar Power Back to the White House

September 10, 2010

Bill McKibben and some fellow renewable energy advocated arrived in DC yesterday bringing with them some of the solar panels that were once installed on the roof of the White House, back in Jimmy Carter’s day. In this editorial, he calls for installing panels back on the White House, in at least a symbolic show of support — it would also bring attention to the benefits of solar, and perhaps inspire more interest in home and building owners.

He quotes Carter’s domestic policy advisor Stuart Eizenstat, back in 1978, as saying: “It would provide a symbol of commitment that is understandable to all Americans, and would enable you to recapture the initiative in the solar energy area. . . . The White House experience will show, to the great number of interested but skeptical Americans, that solar energy is clean, practical, and worth the long-term investment.” As McKibben notes, this is still likely the case today.

This coincides with a meeting last night I attended of local neighborhood solar coops (for information on the coop that started it all, check out the Mt. Pleasant site). We’re currently working hard to get one started in my neighborhood (Cleveland Park), so more on that soon!

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