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Good news for bats!

September 13, 2010

Today’s Washington Post has an article discussing what might be a huge step forward in combating white-nose syndrome (see here for a post I did on WNS recently). Scientists working for the New York State Department of Health have found several anti-fungal medications that appear to be effective in killing the fungus, as well as antiseptics that might be used to help decontaminate hibernaculas (or at least decontaminate human visitors’ hands and feet) and perhaps slow the progression that way.

Although this is great progress, the article does point out that we’ll need to be careful when making use of these drugs — spraying antiseptics into an area where other life will be harmed, for example, is probably not a great idea, and bats might get too stressed if they’re handled individually for treatment (not to mention the logistics that would involve, as single caves can hold tens of thousands of bats).

However, this is good news! Hopefully more will be coming soon.

(Thanks go to Melissa Frye for pointing this out to me)

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