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Water, water, everywhere…

September 26, 2010

Today we’re (finally!) getting some rain, after a long dry spell. In a happy coincidence, DCist posted this interview

(c) MMD, 2010

with George Hawkins, the new General Manager of what used to be called the DC Water and Sewer Authority, and is now simply called “DC Water.” Mr. Hawkins was the first permanent director of the District Department of the Environment, starting in 2007, before he went to DC Water. He therefore brings an environmental-edge to the agency, which is great news of course. I had the pleasure of speaking with him briefly at an event last year, and it was exciting to hear him talk about the challenges he saw in his new job.

The interview includes a couple of interesting bits, including a discussion on how to get DC residents to stop using so much bottled water. In a town that recently went through a lead scare and where not too long ago we had a series of “boil alerts” because of water contamination, this is no small issue. It looks like DC Water will work towards forming partnerships with restaurants and entertainment venues, as well as looking at what other cities are doing to decrease bottled water use — including supporting a bottle-deposit tax (our new bag tax has worked wonders so far, after all!).

All in all an interesting read on a drizzly day. Happy Sunday, everyone!

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