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White House Update and Sexy Bikes

October 5, 2010

A couple of DC-centric environmentally-related topics caught my eye today.

Andreas Praefcke (own photograph)CC-BY-3.0 or GFDL, from Wikimedia Commons

First off, the White House has (finally) committed to putting solar panels and a solar hot water heater on the White House roof. I’ve discussed this briefly before, but the panels that the Carters put up were taken down during the Reagan Administration, and the entire complex went solar-free until G.W. Bush installed solar panels on top of a pool house. But this is the first time panels will be back on the White House in almost two decades, and will hopefully act as inspiration for others around the country. It’s a high-profile time to do this now, coming as it does a few weeks before the mid-term election and a week before 350.0rg’s Global Work Party.

Second, the bicycling advocacy website The Urban Country has named DC’s new Capital Bikeshare’s bikes the most fashionable around, compared to similar programs across the globe. It’s an interesting read, with great pictures of bikes from Canada, Europe, the US, Australia, and China. In an article earlier this fall, they did a nice summary of what’s good and not-so-good about our fledgling CaBi program.

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