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Slow motion of an owl in flight

October 19, 2011

This is fantastic video of an eagle owl in flight – the camera is mounted next to a perch of some sort, so you get a great view of the owl flying directly towards the camera and landing on the perch. It’s really amazing the control that he has! Engineers, architects, and designers have, of course, always looked to nature to improve man-made designs, but that movement is really picking up steam now under the heading of biomimicry (check out the Biomimicry Institute to find out more).

Owls don’t necessarily spring to mind when thinking about urban wildlife, but they are around! Some species can do quite well in urban and suburban parks and greenways (such as the Eastern screech owl, Megascops asio, seen below).

Eastern Screech Owl, (c) Dick Daniels, 2009

Thanks to my mother-in-law for passing this one on to me!

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