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52 Weeks of Urban Nature Photography Project, Week Three

December 13, 2015
52 Weeks Week Three

White House, East Colonnade, (c) Megan Draheim, 2015


This week I’m exploring a twist on urban nature (yes, I know the picture isn’t outside and isn’t “nature” as we might usually define it, so hang in here with me for a minute). As I’ve been walking around my neighborhood, looking at the winter (mostly Christmas, but also Chanukah) decorations both inside and outside, it’s occurred to me that we tend to bring nature into our houses and export our decorations outside of our houses this time of year — think trees coming in and lights going out. I love this time of year for that reason. Winter (not just Christmas) decorations include all sorts of nature motifs: holly, pine trees, animals associated with snow, and even snowflakes. I’d been thinking about how to best illustrate that in a photograph for this week’s entry, and then had a great opportunity mid-week. We were lucky enough to be invited to the White House Chanukah party, and there was an amazing display of paper snowflakes — one representing each of the states and territories — in the East Colonnade, overlooking the Kennedy Garden (itself decked out almost eerily with an army of snowmen).

Biophilia is the idea that we’re naturally attracted to life in all of its forms, and even maybe that we need it to live a good life. To me, our penchant for decorating with nature and decorating using nature motifs is a clear expression of that, and something that we see quite often in urban areas. So this week I’m using this photo to make a point about our relationship with nature in urban areas!

Happy holidays, everyone.



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