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52 Weeks of Urban Nature, Week 20: California Edition

June 3, 2016
52 Weeks Week 20 twitter

(c) Megan Draheim, 2016

We were in sunny San Diego for a conference earlier this spring. Well, it was sunny until our day off from the conference, when it rained the entire day! We still had a good, albeit slightly soggy, time.

I am addicted to palm trees, of all shapes and sizes (I’d probably fit in well with the members of the International Palm Society. Check out this article from the fabulous Atlas Obscura about the Society and their field trips). And yes, I know they’re not native to many of the places they’re grown. But that doesn’t make them any less magnificent! I might have to do a separate post sometime with nothing but palm pictures. But not until after I catch up on posting my 52 week photos.

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