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52 Weeks of Urban Nature, Week Sixteen: Cherry Cherry Edition

April 7, 2016
Washington, DC (c) Megan Draheim, 2016

Washington, DC (c) Megan Draheim, 2016

It was cherry blossom season in DC! One of my favorite times of year. I say “it was” because I am in fact several weeks behind in posting these photos. I’ve been taking them, just not processing and posting them. But I will get caught up soon!

I’ve written about our cherry blossom season before, and it is really one of my favorite traditions — lovely for both locals and tourists alike. I prefer the trees on the Tidal Basin for many reasons (mainly the history behind them and my own personal traditions), but the entire DMV region has adopted this spring-time ritual, so there are other places to stroll around without quite the same crowds.


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